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She was taken to the emergency department by ambulance due to severe abdominal pain and was found to be 30 weeks pregnant.

It was suspected that one of the elder brothers had impregnated her, but the details were unclear.

4) Sexual abuse constituted 6% of the child abuse consultation/notification.

Around 6% of sexual abuse cases led to pregnancy In cases of child abuse, the parent/guardian generally does not give a detailed account of the abuse, so it is impossible to assess the situation fully.

Sexual harassment of children can lead to long term bad memories.

It can result in feelings of guilt and the loss of trust.

[3] Most of the time sexual harassment of children is done by people that are well known to the child and who are responsible for looking after them.

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References The girl thought that intense physical exertion engaged in during a club activity at school was the cause of cessation of her menstruation and did not realize that she was pregnant. Her mother thought that her daughter had a bowel problem, not morning sickness, and brought her to the hospital.This showed an increase by about 2.5 fold compared to other types of abuse.

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