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13-Feb-2020 17:56

“How to flirt with the girl at school/college/work I’ve started liking? I don’t know where to start from.” After What to do? ” If I were not allowed to respond to that with more than just ONE sentence, that sentence would be: All the rules of my How to Flirt With Indian Women 101 which I’m going to lay down below are derivative of this one basic rule. , the commonly asked question which I’ve decided to tackle today is “How to flirt with Indian girls?Nothing turns girls off more than under-confident desperation. So while flirting with a girl, don’t be the oh-so-caring I’ll-do-anything-for-you-including-daily-chores man-in-waiting of hers – that can wait for life after marriage.I’ve already talked about this in the discussion on how to impress girls. ” In case she doesn’t reply the first time you ping her, never use the same opening line the next time. : P For now, that kind of behaviour will make her like you as a friend and a pet – not as a man she feels attracted to.What are the golden rules which worked when you started flirting with your girl? If you are tired of being alone and would like to find a partner, please enter this chat room.

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