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In reaching conclusions it is to be borne in mind that the questioned document will almost invariably have been handled, stored, and transported in a manner that interferes with (corrupts) its value if it is to be compared with a different document.Even when only one document is to be examined for age of ink, exposure to heat and light may bring about artificial ageing meaning the ink will look older than it is; humidity and even ozone from a photocopy machine can have an adverse analytical effect.When it can be determined that an ink came into manufacture on a certain date, it can be inferred that the writing made by that ink occurred either on or after the first date of manufacture.However, this type of analysis is relevant only to very old documents.A study found that whilst the ink in a regularly used ballpoint pen did not show signs of ageing, that near the tip of a ballpoint pen that had not been used for several years showed considerable ageing: This was observed in three to 50 centimetres of writing depending on the brand of the pen used.There is a lot of difference in analysing a hand written document and a printed document for obvious reasons.This leads to the position that the longer the ink has been deposited the more difficult it is to extract colourants.

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In attempting to date inks in ballpoint pens a complication is that even between pens of the same manufacturer that contain one of the most common dyes (HP) and its decomposition product methyl violet, the ratio of HP/methyl violet varies from pen to pen.

Ink comparison Non-destructive methods of comparing inks should be resorted to first.