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21-Jan-2020 23:53

The restriction on photography was a disappointment as the museum is extremely well planned and executed, with some very interesting and unusual artefacts that will be of interest to all militaria enthusiasts.

I was able to discretely take some photos on my iphone, but they really do not do justice to the museum.

As can be expected, the various regional as well as Federal police forces in Malaysia played an important role in the ‘Emergency,’ which was in reality a guerrilla war but so named because of commercial concerns regarding the terminology and its effect on insurance policies. The grounds surrounding the building feature a number of the larger exhibits including armoured vehicles, numerous artillery pieces, a police boat and fixed wing Cessna aircraft.

‘Songkok’ (cap) used by the Deputy Commissioner of Johore Police (Muar District) in 1922 " data-medium-file="

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