Consolidating private loans into federal loans

29-Apr-2020 11:16

When you’re in the market for a lender to refinance and consolidate your student loans, you’ll need to consider a number of factors: Ideally, you’ll want to find not only a great rate, but also a loan term that makes your payments manageable, without being so long that you’re paying your loan for the rest of your life.

Be sure you look past just the dollars and cents to also consider the reputation of the lender in a broader sense. What protections do you have in case you were to lose your job or be unable to make a payment?

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The (CALA) is a federal loan guarantee program designed to increase the availability of loans for the purpose of the establishment, improvement and development of farms and the processing, distribution or marketing of farm products by agricultural co-operatives. The CALA Regulations outline the procedures to be followed and conditions to be met in granting and administering loans under the CALA as well as submission and substantiation of claims for loss. These guidelines have been divided into three sections: Section A outlines the eligibility requirements, Section B refers to the administration of a loan including the registration process, and Section C details the required action when a loss is incurred.

Offering competitive rates and a simple application process, Laurel Road is a great option for many students.

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With a 15-year loan, the borrower would ultimately pay more than 8,000 and the monthly payments would be 0.

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While consolidating these loans doesn’t necessarily save you any money, it can give you the option to finance the entire amount over a longer term, which can significantly reduce your monthly loan payments. Dept of Education allows students with multiple federal loans to consolidate these loans relatively easily.