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22-Aug-2020 15:24

Another benefit: You can maintain and upgrade the validation process more easily because the implementation exists in only one location.The built-in method is fine for cases where validating user input is not purely structural in nature.You need a regular expression that considers "-" valid if you want to allow negative integers because that is the first character entered when typing a negative number such as -125.Nevertheless, you cannot have a final regular expression that considers the "-" character a valid number.

function clear Text Box(text Box ID) Hi, indeed Text Box doesn't have Click event at server-side. In case that disturbs you, use the programmatic approach.These regular expression patterns validate integer input (negative and positive whole numbers as well as 0): These patterns are similar, but have a key difference.The partial pattern matches "-" and "-125", whereas the final matches "-125" but not "-".The regular expressions used in this article aren't complex, and I'll explain everything you need to know to implement them in the validation control.

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You can create a control that provides realtime feedback by letting the user type the input and have that input validated for each character as it's entered.

It's worth a high-level look at how you'll put the regular expressions to use before examining the details of creating the control proper.