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15-Jun-2020 20:00

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The couple despite spending quite long time with each other didn't have any child.

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Alan attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and began his acclaimed stage career soon afterwards.

Daniel Radcliffe described Alan as « undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with », while JK Rowling said she had « no words » to describe her sadness.

Emma Thompson, Alan’s close friend and frequent co-star, penned an emotional message in which she described him as « the ultimate ally ».

Emma Thompson was one of those paying tribute who said later she said she had just kissed him goodbye.

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After Rickman's death, the lovely love story of Rima Horton and Alan ended with a tragedy.The very well-known and veteran actor Rickman revealed that he married his childhood sweetheart and long-time partner, Rima, just a few months before he died.