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Hair Versatility You can be 4 different women in one week!

Pride In Afrotastic History If you are into the history of natural hair, then going natural would definitely be for you.For me personally, going to the salon got way too expensive-- I wanted to learn my own hair, and I absolutely loved the versatility of natural hair.If you make the decision to go natural, make sure that it is your own decision and not anyone pressuring you. Here are a few reasons why you would want to go natural: Read On!You Will Really Learn Your Hair When I was relaxed, I never took care of my hair.

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The reason was not because I did not feel like it or didn't know how, but because I had someone there who could just do it for me. Time And Money Saver Other than saving money on going to the salon weekly, going natural can save you lots of money.

Personally, I love the history and the timeline of Black Hair and how it evolved through history to the present time.

( Adaptive radiation is the evolution from an unspecialised ancestral stock of many different species that adapt to a variety of ecological roles (see books)).… continue reading »

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Speed dating not only helps you meet people faster it narrows down your search to those who are also actively looking. Are you in a hurry to meet people and maybe find a potential partner?… continue reading »

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Other cast members include: TJ Mizell, Kristinia De Barge, Boogie Dash and Egypt Criss.… continue reading »

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