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The revenue flows back into opera- tions at Shoshone Falls Pork and Dierkes Lake.

The park’s current budget is about 0,000, with ,000 for employees and 540,000 for improvements, such a new shelter at the lake.

'Marsli said his panel has been holding hearings around the country to “raise the awareness” of problems that jcould face the telecommunication, power, ' banking, finance and other systems! 170 Good morninc; WEA'I'HER Today: Mosdy sunny with light south wind shifting to west and increasing to 10 to 20 mph. Page Cl Wild weather: spectacular thun derstorm sparks widespread power failures.

Page Cl Thursday, June 19, 1997 Rain returns; river rises Spo R're Talkin’ softball: Several local Twin Falls High School softball players ^vill t^e their show on the road this summer.

.14 Obituaries 2 Idaho 5-6 World 7 Dear Abby 8 Movies 8 Community..9-10 Section D Outdoors 1-3 Section E Money 14 Mutual funds .’..2 Comics 3 Legal notices ...4 Classified ...4-12 Revenues rise, fall with river volume By Pst Marcantonlo Times-Newi writer TWIN FALLS - At the gate to Shoshone Falls, a river of drivers hold out the entrance fee, often adding a ‘‘hello" or "howdy” to summer employee Tina Lamp. 1 had some people from Germany on Monday,” Lamp said, col- lecting another fee.

The record river flows have proven to be an economic torrent for the city of Twin Falls' Shoshone Falls Park. But in sorting out the winners and losers from the big water of 1997, ail roads lead to the crowded path to Shoshone Falls.

Page C9 Opinion Hard line: The government’s stand on a delayed nuclear cleanup project is heartening, today’s editorial says.

“But there’s been somebody asleep at the switch.” She and other frustrated flood “vlcrlms Talled Ti Batnsrwharthcy Bcusrlcad hydrologisrforthc-US; described as inept monagement Bureau of Redamadon in Burley; I by the U. Bureau of Water managers had a pretty Reclamation and the owners of good handle on the enormous Milner Dam. TWIN FALLS Excoptional, newer 2 story, 2 bdrm, I bath.

“You hove plenty of water,” added Joyce Carnahan, who also largest - American Foils - only was reduced to 64 percent of capacity. "You ought to we'd had some certainty that the let it thrwgh.” runoff would come like this,” After the war, everyone’s a Beus said. spring weather kept inflows high The l»$tc problem is that last and irrigation demands low.

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