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At the same time I am hoping it will be replaced soon by something new and more useful: that's how scientific progress should work.Quite often there is talk about some “objective truth” which is then rooted in primitive human principles of abstracting and relating abstractions to each other, which are perceived by the people proffering such things as something “absolute.” On a lower level this is Aristotelian thinking, and on a more advanced level non-Aristotelian thinking or general semantics.In fact, secrecy quite often is a very effective method of brainwashing followers into rigid principles of some pre-conceived and improvable doctrine, and in addition a great method of getting as much obedience and money from them as possible.In fact, since we all have magical skils naturally, but have been "educated out of it," you can learn magick fast, very fast, plus you can do it yourself! In fact, most of the powerful magicians on our planet do not even know the tree of life.It is my opinion that the tree of life and all other religious mappings have no predominant usefulness for the magician of the third millennium who practices magick on a scientific basis.

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It does this as little as it did in the past, long before the invention of the tree of life, which is but a relatively primitive attempt to explain the vast set of human experiences – at the same time as it is a very powerful method when used magically.

Whenever their mappings proved to be useful, technologies were expanded and some times even new technologies emerged.

Usefulness, though, is a far cry from the “absolute truth” which the persons proffering such mappings claimed.

A couple of statements: (1) I am defining, or describing, objectivity as a collective subjectivity of a group of perceiving organisms who have similar structures of abstracting and of relating abstractions into mappings, and in many cases collective placebo effects have to be recognized as contributing factors when such “objective” mappings are developed.

With this statement too, I am attempting of being “objective,” of course.This course most certainly is not just another introduction into "magick" nor has it much to do with the run off the mill book of "magick" (modern, ritual, true, etc.), where you find at first some talk about spirituality of magick, then somewhere between pages 10 and 20 the tree of life, then elaborate descriptions of rituals and so on.