Who is jake austin dating

29-Jul-2020 12:33

Screen shots of her now private Twitter account show messages reading, "I wanna meet @Jake TAustin so badly," and "opppps @jaketaustin is it bad that I wanna kiss you right now?! Not surprisingly, the incredible story is giving super-fans plenty of hope."@zacefron this could be us," one Instagram user commented on Jake's PDA pic with Danielle."This will be me and you @harrystyles," another comment reads."I'm just going to start tagging Justin Bieber in posts now," one user wrote.uhhhh you're so freaking hot."And yes, she even apparently had posters of him."Redid my walls now I have @jaketaustin on them :)" a January 2010 tweet allegedly reads.... : D."But her persistency eventually paid off and she reportedly got to meet the actor at what appears to be a meet-and-greet in NYC in December 2011, writing, "Your smile is so cute @Jake TAustin."Jake then reportedly started following her back on social media just one day after her sweet shout-out -- which is impressive given that he currently has 3.6 million followers. WATCH: Harry Styles Admits to Hooking Up With a Fan And don't be so quick to dismiss all of the pining! Austin pulled out all the stop for longtime girlfriend Danielle Ceaser this week for a day at Disneyland.“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” Danielle shared with this sweet pic of the two on her Instagram, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.And dreamed the two would one day get married."Me & @jaketaustin are getting married," a March 2010 tweet allegedly reads. He gave a glimmer of hope to girls everywhere that maybe one day they too could find their happily ever after with a celebrity crush.

The Bio Logos Foundation has published a popular-level article by old-earth geologists Gregg Davidson and Ken Wolgemuth presenting arguments for an old earth. After this first photo was posted we hadn't seen any trace of Jake and Danielle on social media!