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Syrian/Brazilian father, mother Jew from Quebec)Don Adams (star of Get Smart/cartoon voice, converted to Catholicism)Joey Adams (member of Rat Pack)Anouk Aimee Marv Albert (sports commentator/involved in sex scandal)Madeleine Albright (politician)Marty Allen (Hollywood Squares panelist)Woody Allen (comedian/actor/director)Gloria Allred (attorney)Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)Lyle Alzado (Sephardic...pro-football star)Morey Amsterdam (Dick Van Dyke Show)Anastacia (model/yoga instructor)Bea Arthur (Maude & The Golden Girls)Isaac Asimov (sci-fi writer)Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant star, communist party member)Mili Avital Hank Azaria (comedian, voice on Simpsons)Lauren Bacall (legendary actress)Tom Baker (British born actor played Dr.

Who and starred in horror films, convert to Catholicism, at one time a monk)John Banner (co-star of Hogan's Heroes)Roseanne Barr (comedienne)Richard Belzer (comedian/star of Law & Order)Ike Barenholtz Richard Benjamin (director/actor)Jack Benny (legendary comedian)Robby Benson (very popular actor in the 70s)Dave Berg (cartoonist for Mad magazine)Mary Kay Bergman (female voice on South Park, killed herself in 1999)Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls star)David Berkowitz (serial killer...adopted at birth by Jewish family and Jews typically claim he's not Jewish although he's clearly a Semite, while on death row has claimed to be a born-again Christian)Sandra Bernhard (comedienne/actress)Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN sportscaster)Leonard Bernstein (composer)Joe Besser (3 Stooges)Joey Bishop Jack Black (comedian, star of Rock School, Shallow Hal, The Cable Guy and others)Lewis Black Selma Blair (actress)Mel Blanc (famous cartoon voice)Franz Boaz (anthropologist)Helena Bonham-Carter (actress, Jewish mother...raised Catholic)Tom Bosley (star of Happy Days)Elaine Boosler (stand-up comic)Victor Borge (comedian)Jonathon Brandis (young actor, hung himself)David Brenner (comedian)Fanny Brice Adrian Brody (star of The Pianist, King Kong, many more)Albert Brooks (comedian/actor)Mel Brooks (comedian/director)Brother Theodore (very strange comedian, does cartoon voices)Lenny Bruce (stand up comic)Dr.

Ruth Westheimer (sexual therapist)Billy Wilder Gene Wilder (comedian/actor...

Young Frankenstein, Willy Wonka, many more)Henry Winkler (TV actor from Happy Days "Fonz")Debra Winger (star of Urban Cowboy and An Officer & A Gentleman)Shelly Winters (actress, real name Shelly Schrift)Max Wright (played father on ALF, recently caught smoking crack and having sex with two homeless black men)Ed Wynn Elliot Yamin (American Idol season 5 finalist)Henny Youngman (stand-up comic, king of the one-liners)Ian Ziering (star of Beverly Hills 90210)Barbara Bach - actress/model (Jewish father/Irish mother, star of James Bond film Spy Who Loved Me, wife of Ringo Starr who's not Jewish)Jennifer Beals (actress from Flashdance/The "L" Word, 1/2 black/Jewish)David Blaine - (1/2 Puerto Rican magician/illusionist)Yasmine Bleeth - Baywatch star (supposedly 1/2 Arab, other sources list her as full Jewish)Lorainne Bracco - star of The Sopranos (1/2 Jewish/Italian)Lisa Bonet - star of The Cosby Show (1/2 black/Jewish)Matthew Broderick (star of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, War Games, Godzilla, and many more)Neve Campbell (actress...

Roper from 3's Company)Totie Fields Larry Fine (3 Stooges)Joe Francis (creator/distributor of Girls Gone Wild series, indicted on indecency charges)Don Francisco (host of Univision's Sabado Gigante, born in Chile as Mario Kruetzberger)Barney Frank (openly gay politician)Al Franken (comedian/leftist political commentator/founder of Air America)Bonnie Franklin (star of One Day at a Time)Betty Frieden (feminist, founder of NOW)Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist)John Garfield (actor, real name: Jacob Garfinkle)Brad Garrett (star of Everybody Loves Raymond)Ina Garten (TV cook)George Gershwin (composer)Sarah Michelle Geller (actress)Uri Geller (con-artist/"magician")Gina Gershon Paul Michael Glasser (star of Starsky & Hutch)Jamie Gleicher Elon Gold Judy Gold (stand up comic)Tracey Gold (star of "Benson")Goldberg (pro wrestler)Adam Goldberg (actor, star of Saving Private Ryan)Barry Goldwater (politician/presidential candidate)Benny Goodman (band leader)Edie Gorme (singer, wife of Steve Lawrence)Gilbert Gottfried (comedian/actor)Elliott Gould (actor/ex-husband of Barbra Streisand)Ellen Greene Mrs.

Greenthumbs Caryn Groedel (reality TV star)Michael Gross (star of Family Ties-Christian convert)Steve Guttenberg (star of Police Academy films, Cocoon, others)Buddy Hackett (legendary comedian)Dan Hedaya (played Rhea Pearlman's husband on Cheers, starred in some movies, Israeili Sephardim background, always plays being either Spanish or Italian)Joseph Heller Hershey's (America's chocolate empire)Barbara Hershey (actress)Theodor Herzl (writer)Paul Heyman (aka Paul E.

Judy Brown (radio psychiatrist)Brooke Burke (model)Sarah Burke (reality TV star)Milton Burle (legendary comedian)George Burns (legendary comedian)Red Buttons (comedian/actor)James Caan (actor)Sid Caesar (legendary comedian/tv personality)Eddie Cantor Al Capp Jack Carter Emanuelle Chriqui Marcia Clark (attorney in OJ Simpson case)Andrew Dice Clay (stand-up comic born Andrew Silverstein)Lee J.

Cobb (tv actor)The Coen Brothers (directors of Fargo, Raising Arizona, Where Art Thou Brother?

It is a list of Jewish people, celebrities mostly but also well known Jewish people.Brinkley, 61, and John Mellencamp, who just turned 64, were recently spied departing an Upper East Side Italian restaurant on Saturday night holding hands.Check it out: Rocker John Mellencamp, who turns 64 today (Wednesday), is dating eternally swimsuit-worthy supermodel Christie Brinkley, 61.The couple were spied departing an Upper East Side Italian restaurant on Saturday night holding hands because, after all, everyone needs a hand to hold on to.

The relationship has apparently advanced from minutes to memories in swift fashion.Mellencamp has a four-pack-a-day habit that a 1994 heart attack did nothing to curb.

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