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At the time "Like A Rolling Stone" was at #6 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eight days later on September 5th, 1965 it would peak at #2 ... He writes it so WE can relate to it in one way or another. To hear Bob Dylan's pain, it's just beautiful and authentic. The diplomat with the chrome Horse refers to Edie's Executive Father ,who sexually abused Her, hence "took from You everything He could steal) . Especially the ones stating that it's about a specific person.

The two weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for both those weeks was "Help! Edie fell for Dylan , who was already married, for reasons of propriety,or because she thought She fitted in well at The Factory. Dylan was bitter, The Taurean revenge were His acidic Lyrics. Songs like this one don't have "staying power" if they don't resonate with people and I don't think that most people think of Edie Sedgwick (whoever she is/was) or any other specific person when they think of or hear this song.

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To be continued, Per: 'Bob' Johnston, producer with Columbia Records, passed away in hospice care in Nashville at the age of 83 on Friday (August 14th, 2015)...

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