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Some performers were truly unforgettable — especially those who made it far into the competition and stayed on your TV screen for months.

So if you’ve been a fan since the beginning, you’re probably wondering where past So You Think You Can Dance finalists are now.

Because there are many issues, particularly about the question of effeminate male dancing and what masculinity in dance means, the list shows, however, that viewing pleasures are far more complex than a simplified divide between the “black street dancer” and the “white upper/middle class ballerina”.

With the declining ratings of SYTYCD (it premiered in 2005 with 10 million viewers and versions of the franchise have been made in 25 countries) and the slower output of popular dance films and television shows, the question remains where will popular screendance go from here?

The appeal of the show for spectators comes from exactly this emphasis on talent - the talent of both the dancers and the choreographers.

It is about the kinaesthetic, felt experience of dance on screen, the ability of the kinaesthetic momentum of movement to …

To mark the date, a special 60-minute episode called A Decade of Dance was aired, with re-stagings of some of the show’s most memorable dance routines by its most popular contestants.These were interspersed with montages drawn from 11 seasons of the show: the good, the bad, the funny, and the often jaw-dropping athleticism and virtuosity of the dancers.

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