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I love the smaller towns of Verona, Mantua, and Ferrara, which have so much history.Many people know Verona because of the opera festival there, which I will attend this summer, and also because it’s the setting of .I had also toyed with changing the vampire’s birthplace from Transylvania to a different location, and then found in Stoker’s handwritten notes that his original choice for Dracula’s home was Styria, in southern Austria. I decided to follow that line of thinking, and I must say it was great fun to play out one of Stoker’s choices!I had a phenomenal time visiting Styria and discovering its rich (and spooky) folklore.Readers tell me that they like to take my novels with them on trips as travel and historical guides, so I think that my love of travel and my devotion to making a place and an era come alive are evident in my work., so I am off to some of my favorite places in Italy.In London, the late Victorian era is still very much alive in virtually every neighborhood!I also traveled to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast, taking the same route Mina takes, by train and then over the moors.

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MUMS often dream of having it all, the perfect children, a beautifully organised house and a successful career.

When research takes you to Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, England, Ireland, Austria, and places like that, it’s hard to play favorites!